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 Dussault Moving & Storage Inc. was founded in Lakewood, Ohio in 1961 by Arthur B. Dussault and his wife Audrey H. Dussault. Arthur B. Dussault passed away in 1994. At the time of his passing Arthur B. and Audrey Dussault had been married 45 years.  


Arthur B. Dussault, or "Big Art," as he came to be known, served in the U.S. Navy during World War II on the USS Clay (APA-39). He was a coxswain and piloted Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel (LCVP) or "Higgins" Boats onto beachfronts and into battle during the war.



USS Clay (APA-39) 


The Higgins Boat

"Big Art" was an accomplished mechanic and tenacious laborer with a yeoman-like work ethic. After the war "Big Art" ran a gas station for a short while with a friend before hiring on as a Cleveland Policeman from August 1950 until October 1951. In October of 1951 "Big Art"  traded in his gun and patrolman's badge for a hose and a fireman's helmet.   He retired from the Cleveland Fire Dept. in 1977.

On his days off from the fire house "Big Art" would move furniture for the Lakewood Moving & Storage Company which was located at 14401 Detroit Avenue on the southwest corner of Lincoln and Detroit Avenue. (The warehouse still stands and currently houses the Plantation Home store and the South Westerly Senior Housing complex.) 

"Big Art's" son Robert J. (Bob) Dussault recalls: "Back then Pa used to park that first truck, which we dubbed the "Blue Goose," behind Kus' Sinclair Gas Station which sat on the corners of Detroit and Elmwood avenues next door to Randolph's Restaurant. We had no warehouse in those days because dad was working out of our house."  "Big Art's" oldest son, Arthur C. (Artie) Dussault, remembers how his father "would stay up half the night fixing and repairing the old truck(s) to keep them running. And then he would spend his days moving furniture when he wasn't scheduled to be at the firehouse." With the help of Chuck Hannah and Hannah's 2 sons along with firefighters Duke Harrington and John Brady the work load and the small company grew.

in the early 1960's when they were big enough to help out, "Big Art's" sons Arthur C. (Artie) and Robert J. (Bob) Dussault joined their father on the moving trucks and along with a host of other indefatigable drivers and movers helped Dussault Moving & Storage Inc. steadily grow into the hard working and highly respected business entity that it is today.

In 1968 Dussault Moving & Storage Inc. moved into it's first warehouse located on West 98th street and Detroit Avenue.

In 1969 Dussault Moving & Storage Inc. relocated to it's present home in the Lake Erie Screw Building (now called the Lake Erie Building at Templar Industrial Park) located at 13000 Athens Avenue near Bird town in Lakewood, Ohio. The Industrial Park was built in 1917 by the Templar Motor Company and was the car companies production plant until 1924. In 1946 the Lake Erie Screw Corporation took over the buildings. Today the Industrial Park is home to many artists and manufacturers. Information about this sprawling and historically significant facility can be seen by logging onto: www.templarmotors.com   www.coolclevelandhistory.com  www.screwfactoryartists.com


Over the course of it's 50 plus years in business, Dussault Moving & Storage Inc. has been a local / long distance agent for national carriers Trans American Van Lines, American Red Ball, United Van Lines, Allied Van Lines and Global Van Lines.



Today Dussault Moving & Storage Inc. is a proud independent, family owned and operated moving company. We are housed and located in the same Lake Erie Screw Building offices and 40,000 square foot warehouse & storage facility that we have called home since 1969. 

Dussault Moving & Storage Inc. has grown from one truck and a few firemen moving furniture for extra income on their days off, to a fleet of straight trucks & semi-tractor trailers and a large crew of hard working and dedicated moving professionals.

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Arthur B. Dussault in the Navy during World War II
Arthur B. & Audrey Dussault
Arthur J. Dussault & Jim Thorpe

Arthur J. Dussault and Jim Thorpe autographed postcard.  

1910 Arthur J. Dussault Rocky Mount, NC baseball card. 

Arthur B. Dussault's father-Arthur J. Dussault played semi-professional baseball along with Jim Thorpe for the 1910 Rocky Mount, NC Railroaders of the Eastern Carolina League.

Thorpe's tenure with this baseball organization would result in his being stripped of his Olympic Medals two years later during the 1912 summer Olympics in Stockholm Sweden.

In the 1912 games Jim Thorpe won the pentathlon (which included show jumping, shooting, swimming, fencing and cross-country running). He then tied for 4th place in the high jump and came in seventh in the long jump. Finally, Thorpe won a gold medal and set a world record in the decathlon, which was comprised of ten track-and-field events. His triumphs in these events led many to call Thorpe "the greatest athlete in the world."

Unfortunately Jim Thorpe did not get to keep his medals long. Since he was paid to play semi-pro baseball in NC along with Dussault and others, he was not considered and "amateur athlete" and  was thus stripped of his medals. Thorpe went on to play both professional baseball and football and tried unsuccessfully to get his Olympic medals back.

Jim Thorpe died in 1953. In 1983 the International Olympic Committee restored Thorpe's gold medals to his children..

Arthur J. Dussault would eventually take a job with the Erie Railroad as a bookkeeper. He took a "day job" after meeting his future wife-Sarah Bradshaw during one of his baseball teams stop in a small mining town in upstate New York. Sarah told Arthur J. that he "had to settle down and get a real job if he expected to be with her. She was not going to marry a ball player."


Sarah Bradshaw (top Left) would marry Arthur J. Dussault and also go on to become a       published poet. "My Legacy, " a book of poetry written by Sarah Dussault was published       in 1971 and is a source of great pride for the family. 


The cardinal is back again this spring.

He sits forlornly on the golden bush

This year, at dawn, I have not heard him sing,

Except a poignant note that sounds like "hoossh."

Perhaps we should have left her lying there,

Instead of hiding her beneath the tree.

The gale had flung her on the garden chair-

Now he will never know she did not flee.

When cardinal's find a mate, it is forever,

And when she goes his song goes with her, too.

This world does not possess the will to sever

The love of cardinals, so constant, true.

I knew a cardinal - not even death

Has separated us...one little breath.

-Sara Dusault 


 Arthur J. and Sarah Dussault's son, Arthur B. Dussault would go on to found Dussault     Moving & Storage Inc.

Templar Park Production Facility Located At 13000 Athens Avenue,         Lakewood, Ohio circa 1917. Dussault Moving has been based out of                    this Industrial Complex Since 1969. templarmotors



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