Moving Checklist


1. Contact Dussault Moving & Storage Inc. at (216) 521-6683 or [email protected] for a free Estimate and book your moving day. If you are planning to move during the peak summer months you may want to contact us two months in advance to ensure that the date you have in mind is available. 

2. If you are packing yourself feel free to contact Dussault Moving & Strorage Inc. to order your cartons, paper and tape.

3. Begin packing and be sure to clearly mark and label each box with your name, contents and destination (i.e. "DR" for Dining Room, "MBR" for  Master Bedroom, "K" for Kitchen, "LR" for Living Room, "Bath" for Bathroom, "BSMT" for Basement, ATTIC for ATTIC, GARAGE, KIDS' ROOM etc.

4. Sort, discard and donate unwanted items. The fewer items you move the less expensive and time consuming your job will be.

5. Notify the Post Office of your change of address.

6. Notify your doctors, dentists and other healthcare service providers of your change of address.

7. Notify the human resources and / or payroll department at work of your address change.

8. Confirm elevator, loading dock and parking reservations / parking permits for your moving day at both your current home and destination address. 

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1. Make arrangements to the disassembly of specialty items (swing sets, pianos, pool tables etc.)

2. Make arrangements for child care and or a pet sitter for moving day.

3. Arrange to take time off of work to prepare for the move and to be present on the day of the move.

4. Notify your local department of motor vehicles so that you can update your drivers license with your new address.

NOTIFY THE NECESSARY UTILITIES: Telephone • Electric • Cell Phone • Gas (schedule to have your appliances disconnected) • Cable • Internet • Water • Home Security/Alarm

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1. If you are doing your own packing, pack all fragile and loose items from drawers into moving boxes. (Clothing in dressers can remain in tact in drawers).

2. Confirm your moving day with Dussault Moving & Storage Inc. (216) 521-6683 to ensure that all of the details pertaining to your relocation are accurate. 

3. If necessary complete a high-value inventory form and choose the valuation (moving insurance) option that you would like to utilize. We will be happy to assist you with this.

4. Remove all permanently affixed items that you wish to take with you from the walls and ceilings (drapes, light fixtures, ceiling fans etc.)

5. Alert friends, family and neighbors to your new address.

6. Change of Address - Who to notify:

Notify Your Accountant, Alumni Association, Attorney, Babysitter, Bank, Broker, Business Cards (update new contact info), Dentist, DMV, Diaper Service, Doctor, Dry Cleaners, Family, Friends, Health Clubs, House of Worship, Insurance Providers (Auto, Life, Health, Home), IRS (Form 8822), Lawn Care, Luggage Tags (update contact info), Magazine Subscriptions, New Employer, Newspaper Subscriptions, Old Employer, Orthodontist, PTA, Passport (update information), Pet Sitter, Pharmacy, Physical Therapist, Physicians, Post Office (notify of change of address), Retirement Plan Holders, Return Address Labels (order new labels with updated address and contact information), Schools, Snow Removal Service, Social Security, Swimming Pool Maintenance, Veterinarian, Water Delivery Service.  

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1. Consolidate clearly marked moving boxes containing fragile items into one area of your home. Alert the mover's about these fragile moving boxes on moving day.

2. Identify furniture that is fragile or has been weakened by previous damage and bring it to your mover's attention on moving day.  

3. Separate and mark items that are NOT TO BE MOVED by your movers (if any).

4. Defrost, drain, wash and dry refrigerators and freezers.

5. Drain gasoline and oil from lawnmowers, generators snow blowers, etc.

6. Disconnect propane tank from gas grille. Your movers will not be able to transfer the propane tank on moving day.

7. Clear walkways and driveways of any obstacles.  

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Print this list and reference it as you prepare to move. You may also find the information contained in the "Moving Do's / Dont's" section of this website useful as well. This checklist is courtesy of your friends at Dussault Moving & Storage Inc. Give us a call today! (216) 521-MOVE.




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